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How BitPowr is Improving Blockchain in Africa with its Solution


Blockchain keeps changing and improving every day, Bitpowr has decided to bring something to help improve blockchain in Africa. Blockchain generates cost savings through new efficiencies and improves the traceability, security, trust, and transparency of data shared across a business network.

Blockchain for business employs an open, unchangeable ledger that only members with authorization can view. A startup like Bitpowr has been working hard to help businesses who plan to build products around crypto can do it faster and easier with their tool.

Bitpowr solution supports cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, NFTs, exchanges, digital wallets, identity management, and data management, among others.

What is BitPowr?

Bitpowr is a blockchain payment solution and wallet infrastructure that has created the tools to power online payments for online business owners, enterprises, developers, and individuals. By doing so, it has provided the building blocks for companies and people around the world to use blockchain to access the global digital economy.

For powering a variety of use cases, including cryptocurrency exchanges, stablecoin payment gateways, non-custodial mobile wallets, digital investment and savings apps, and more, Bitpowr’s wallet infrastructure offers a variety of wallets, including Non-Custodial, Custodial, Stablecoin, Defi and Smart Contract Wallets.

With Bitpowr’s simple wallet APIs and software development kit (SDKS), anyone can create and manage crypto wallets in a matter of seconds.

“Bitpowr is positioned to become the leading back-end blockchain infrastructure for businesses of all sizes and across different industry verticals to securely manage digital assets at scale” According to the CEO, Toby Oyetoke.

Toby Oyetoke also added “Our smart contract wallet is built to help businesses cut down on high transaction fees and operation costs on Ethereum and similar chains like Polygon and Tron.

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Other smart contract wallets would typically cost $50 to operate while Bitpowr helps you reduce this by 80% with its gasless smart contract wallet generation and when you are ready to operate the wallet, it costs around $4. That’s saving over $46.”

Bitpowr has processed more than $3 million worth of transactions since its start in January 2022, and it intends to process much more by adding more micro business before the year is over.

Get more information about Bitpowr via its website.

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