Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria in 2022

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria

We have seen lots of crypto exchange companies in Nigeria and we have decided to create a list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria in 2022.

A few years back, we have had issues with cryptocurrency exchanges in foreign countries ignoring other countries to use their platform but today we now have so many crypto exchange companies which make it difficult when it comes to staying away from potential crypto exchange scams.

Before we list the cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria, it’s important to know that cryptocurrencies are decentralized meaning central banks or any monetary authority can’t monitor transactions of individuals or track the owner.

You might want to read more about this rising crypto exchange platform in Nigeria, known as Muna Africa.

Nigerian young tech-savvy have been able to adopt crypto in the country and Nigeria is part of the highest country in the world when it comes to cryptocurrency usage.

In this article, we will reveal the best cryptocurrency exchange company in Nigeria in 2022.

We have two (2) types of crypto exchanges;

  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Centralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange

This type of crypto exchange platform does not need means of identification before you can start trading (What we call “Know your customer”). A typical example is pancakeswap, TatSwaps, Uniswap and a lot more.

Centralized Exchange

This type of Crypto exchange platform needs a valid means of identification before you can start trading and the terms of the platform used must be followed. A typical example is Binance, Coinbase, Quidax, Flitaa and a lot more.

List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Nigeria

I will start with the Nigerian Based Crypto exchanges before listing the foreign crypto exchanges that support Nigeria.

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Quidax is part of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria that makes it super easy to sell, buy and store cryptos like bitcoin, ripple, Tron and a lot more. See Quidax as the Nigerian version of Binance as we can do more with Quidax.

The platform also allows users to install its mobile application on android and IOS.

Quidax also comes with a 0% marker trading fee, instant withdrawal and Naira deposits, withdrawals and trading pairs available in Nigeria.

In addition, Quidax has its own API that supports third-party integration for automated trading.

Bundle Africa

Bundle Africa is part of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria which was founded in 2020, Bundle Africa makes it easy when it comes to making payments with cash and its app is really fun to use and available for both Android and IOS.

Bundle Africa allows zero transaction charges, supports crypto swaps and save in dollar feature that can allow you to earn up to 5.7% returns.


Patricia is a payment solution that leverages cryptocurrency, the platform allows you to buy or sell bitcoin and gift cards and also store them in BTC or local currency wallet. Their mobile app has more than 100,000+ downloads.

Patricia supports instant transactions and also virtual and physical debit cards, though they don’t support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies right now.

Buycoins Africa

Buycoins is part of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria that allows quick transactions without having to look for traders on the P2P market before you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The app allows you to also store and transfer bitcoins, Ethereum, USDC and litecoin easily.

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With Buycoins you can fund your account with Naira and also earn up to 12% interest by locking your crypto for a particular time.

Binance Nigeria

Most of us might be familiar with Binance already, Binance has established itself as a leading exchange in the crypto space and supporting Nigerians is one thing we love about Binance. Users in Nigeria can access Naira trading pairs and also in the P2P trading platform on its exchange.

Binance is also available for download on desktop, Android and IOS devices with an optimized trading experience. The exchange also comes with a bulk of features that can help you earn more and enjoy the crypto space.

Kucoin Nigeria

Kucoin is part of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria which is familiar with Binance and comes with a bulk of useful features.

KuCoin offers a considerably larger range of cryptocurrencies than most brokerages or exchanges. KuCoin is your go-to exchange website if you would like to diversify into less famous coins. 

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