How To Get a FREE DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email Address (2023)

How To Get a FREE DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email Address
How To Get a FREE DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email Address

DuckDuckGo has just launched an Anti-Tracking Email available in Public Beta. This DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email can be used by anyone that uses a DuckDuckGo browser extension, the DuckDuckGo mobile app, or a Mac Browser.

The service gives you a e-mail address, which is designed to be used for the “Sign up for our 20% discount newsletter” sort of mailing, which you are aware simply exists to gather data and direct you to adverts. Email received to your account is sent to your personal email address, but trackers are deleted.

Email Protection now repairs links, eliminates them from all tracking modifiers, converts unencrypted HTTP URLs to HTTPS if available, and allows you to transmit straight from your DuckDuckGo address rather than exposing your mail. DuckDuckGo claims that during its closed beta, 85% of the emails it analyzed included hidden trackers.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. This search engine is committed to protecting its customers’ online privacy. Unlike Bing, Google, and lots of search engines out there, it does not provide any personalized search results.

DuckDuckGo does not provide tailored search results. It does not profile its users based on their search habits, and everyone receives the same search results.

Some search features of DuckDuckGo Includes;

  1. News
  2. Images
  3. Videos
  4. Maps
  5. Weather
  6. Calculator
  7. Timers
  8. Shopping and Products
  9. Local business answers
  10. Flight Information, and more.

Why Should You Use DuckDuckGo?

  1. It’s actually Private: Unlike what some other search engines offer. They tell you that using their search engines will give you privacy, but most times, this isn’t completely true. What makes DuckDuckGo stand out is that they actually provide the privacy they advertise.
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DuckDuckGo does not save your data or trace your browsing habits or search history. It is not permitted to share your information with third parties, leak it, or use it for any marketing reasons.

2. It offers additional features: The service provides numerous useful added features, such as publicly available weather data, extra functionality for developers, visible social media biographies, loan calculators, and much more. You will not be bombarded with targeted adverts because of the privacy policy.

3. It is very easy to use.

How To Get a DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email Address: Step-By-Step Guide

To get a DuckDuckGo Anti-Tracking Email address, you can use a browser extension which is the easiest and simplest method you can use to get this service running. And that’s why I’ll be explaining how to use the browser extension method instead of via the Mac browser or the DuckDuckGo Mobile app.

  1. Open the Browser on your laptop.
  2. Head on to the Chrome Web Store
  3. Search for “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials”
  4. Add the extension to your browser
  5. Go to
  6. Click on “Get Started”
  7. Now, you’ll choose a personal email address. Click on “Next”
  8. Read the Email Protection Privacy Guarantees and Service Terms and tap “Next.”
  9. Now, choose a unique Duck address and the mail it should be forwarded to.
  10. Confirm that the addresses you provided are correct. Then tap on “This is Correct.” Or, if there are any errors in the provided addresses, click on “Go back to edit.”
  11. You’ll now get a message saying that anything sent to your new email address will be forwarded to the email address you provided, with the email trackers removed.
  12. Click on “Done,” and that’s all.
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