Oraimo AniFast Technology – Charge Anything Fast!

Oraimo AniFast Technology - Charge Anything Fast!
Oraimo AniFast Technology - Charge Anything Fast!

Oraimo has always been one of the leading companies in Nigeria and even the whole of Africa when it comes to releasing the most efficient gadgets you can get. If you need a Smartwatch, Powerbank, Portable Speaker, Charging Cable, Earbud, or Car charger, Oraimo’s got you!

So, it only fits for a big company like Oraimo to think of new technology that can be released into the market to further cement its place as one of the best tech companies out there. And that’s precisely why the Oraimo AniFast Technology was born.

The AniFast technology is an exclusive smart-charging technology designed by Oraimo to simply “charge anything faster.” The AniFast series is used in a variety of Oraimo devices to give users a remarkable increase in battery life.

The AniFast claims to charge Smartphones and laptops fully in a couple of minutes, thanks to the 27000mAh and 40000mAh Traveller 3 Power Byte Power banks, Oraimo charger kits (compact & ultra-speed), and a variety of cables (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB).

Smartwatches, electric fans, electric toothbrushes, and earphones are among the low-cost items that will benefit from the AniFast™️ smart-charging technology.

An important feature of AniFast™️ technology is its capability to precisely and intelligently recognize each device’s charging mechanism and adapt to it to achieve the quickest charge possible. As a result, it is usable with the vast majority of smartphones on the market at the moment.

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