OwoDaily Review: How to Make Money with OwoDaily in 2022

how to make money with Owodaily

In this article, you are going to find out in this Owodaily review, if OwoDaily is worth the hype and how to make money with Owodaily. You are reading this article because you want to make money online FAST!.

Owodaily has been existing for few years and since it has paid its users more than 1 million naira then i can safely say its legit as at when i wrote this article.

Before i show you how to make money with Owodaily, i made N5,000 first week of joining OwoDaily platform.

Imagine, if i can make over N5,000 Naira in less than a week then it means i can also make close to N30,000 weekly with OwoDaily or even more.

Yeah, i know the amount might be small but you can make more than that but we have to be realistic with figures too.

I can proudly say you can make money with your smartphone quickly using OwoDaily, you don’t have to own the latest gadgets or a laptop to start making money the knowledge require to make the money is all that is required.

Here is a screenshot of the N5,000 recieved below;

owodaily withdrawal payment
owodaily withdrawal payment

So what is OwoDaily exactly?

But first, how much i have made from joining Owodaily within 1 week that haven’t been paid yet, seee it below;

owodaily member
Amount i have made from Owodaily so far as when i screenshotted this…

What is OwoDaily?

Owodaily is a platform that connects advertisers with freelancers, workers and employee to complete micro task/ Jobs and get paid once the task is completed. This task can include anything; completing surveys, installing apps, subscribing to newsletters and lot more.

The goal of Owodaily is for every inidividual including Nigerians and other African countries to make money quickly complete digital tasks.

If you prefer the video version of this article, where you can learn more about Owodaily and how to use the platform click the video below;

Before you join Owodaily it’s important to know the Owodaily memebership Plan/ Packages.

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There are two types of Owodaily membership plan;

  • Owodaily member which goes for N3,000
  • Owodaily+ which goes for N13,000

Any new user who has zero knowledge about Owodaily is advised to subscribe to the Owodaily member before advancing to the Owodaily+ (Owodaily Affiliate).

Let’s do a little calculation if you are only using the Owodaily membership plan;

You Earned N2,000 daily for 7 days on Owodaily = N14,000 x 4 weeks = N56,000

You able to get 5 friends to register under you which is N1,600 per friends = N8000

In total you have earned = N64,000 in a month…

What if you are on both Owodaily membership and Owodaily+?

You Earned N2,000 daily for 7 days on Owodaily = N14,000 x 4 weeks = N56,000

You able to get 5 friends to register under you which is N1,600 per friends = N8000

On Owodaily+ you able to sell 10 digital products which is sold for N20,000 each = N100,000

In total you have earned = N164,000 in a month…

Imagine you keep up with this for three (3) month? You would have made N492,000

You still don’t want to give Owodaily a trial today? Well, i just shared Update with you as Nigerians will say “Give me Update”

How to Register on Owodaily

  • Visit Owodaily Website by clicking here.
  • Input your personal details like Full name, bank account, email and etc
  • After completing the registration.
  • Select mode on payment.
  • Make payment of N3,000 and click on payment completed.
  • You should be redirected to your Owodaily dashboard.

Thanks for joining Owodaily, you are one step closer to making more money for yourself with Owodaily platform.

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How to Make Money with Owodaily

I got to know about Owodaily around 2020 and up till now there is no bad news about them not paying their users, which is amazing and can help Nigerians, kenyans and others make more money!

with Owodaily, you can make money with this ways mentioned below;

  • Owodaily task: with Owodaily task, you get to complete simple task and you can earn as low as N10 – N2,000 daily when you complete task.
  • Owodaily Referral Program: This is another quick way to earn income faster on Owodaily by inviting your family/friends to join Owodaily and you can earn N1,600 instantly once they register and pay the required N3,000.
  • Owodaily+ (Owodaily Affiliate Program): The Owodaily plus comes with Affiliate marketing that involves selling digital products and you earn commission when you makes sellings, if a digital product sells for around N10,000 you earn 50% Commission which means earned N5,000 from that product you sold.
  • Extra Income from registered users: You can also make money when a users who registered under you works as an advertiser and deposits on his/her account.
  • Lastly, you can win a brand new car with Owodaily, if you refer 100+ users and they register for both Owodaily member and Owodaily+ package.

So, what are you still waiting for? hurry join Owodaily now and earn tons of income quickly.

If you find any issue while trying to join Owodaily or make more money with Owodaily, leave a comment below, i will give you a solution to help you grow.

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