How To Get Glo 9.2GB Data For N2000 (Enjoy Fast Internet)

How To Get Glo 9.2GB Data For N2000

Learn how to get Glo 9.2GB Data for N2000 fast, in this article I will explain everything you need to know in order to start enjoying the internet with the Glo 9.2GB Data.

When it comes to Data, Glo has established itself as one of the best Networks providing quality and sufficient Data for consumers which is one thing that makes Glo stand out always.

Due to Glo giving consumers enough Data they are known as “Grand Master of Data”.

Glo is the name of the first operational submarine cable that connects the UK to Nigeria. Along with high-speed internet, they might also provide telecom services that are quicker, more dependable, and less priced.

Before we proceed to get the Glo 9.2GB Data for N2000, Here is the Glo APN Settings for High-speed internet.

Quick Glo APN Settings for Glo High-speed Internet

Here are the Manual APN settings for Glo high-speed internet;

  • Account name: Glo Flat
  • Access point name: gloflat
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 3130
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

You can also make use of the automatic method that involves using SMS to send “ACTIVATE” to 444

Once you have been able to set the high-speed Glo APN Settings, you can proceed to get the Glo Data Plan.

How To Get Glo 9.2GB Data For N2000

  • Go to the Dialpad section on your smartphone.
  • Now Dial  *777# and send.
  • A popup message should come up on the screen.
  • Press “2 (Data)” to view Data Plan.
  • Press “1 (Buy Data Plan)”.
  • Glo will provide two options to select from either “Auto-Renew or One-off”.
  • Now Enter the number for “Monthly”, and you should see the available data plans.
  • Here you will find N2000 for 9.2GB for 30 Days.
  • Press the number and enter.
  • Now you have successfully gotten 9.2Gb for 30 days.
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Auto-Renew: Glo automatically renews your exhausted or expired data plan if you have enough airtime, if you don’t want that consider using the One-off option instead.

In order To check your data balance on Glo, dial *777# and navigate to Check Data Balance or text “Info” to 127.

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