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How Muna App is Changing Crypto in Africa – Buy Cryptocurrencies and more

Muna App crypto in africa

In this article, we are going to talk about how Muna App is changing the crypto ecosystem in Africa. If you haven’t invested in Crypto I will show you how to go ahead and save, trade, and buy crypto with the Muna App.

Imagine, you can do so many things with Muna App so what have you been waiting for?

The Crypto market in Africa has grown by 1500% in value in the past years and is expected to grow more in coming years. The regions with the highest grassroots adoption include; Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.

The most popular cryptocurrency worldwide is “Bitcoin” and Muna App made it available for you to buy Bitcoin with the Muna App instantly.

About Muna

Muna is a crypto platform that aims to make Defi simple and accessible for everyone. The Muna app was founded by Henry Chukwuka.

Muna team has really proven it’s worth becoming the next crypto app to watch in Africa. The Muna App can do a lot of things like;

  • Stake with Muna
  • Swap with Muna
  • Save with Muna
  • Buy Crypto with Muna
  • Lend Crypto with Muna
  • Borrow Crypto with Muna

The app is available on google and apple store their savings feature gives you up to 20% APY and you can start saving with as low as $10 while interests are paid out daily to the saver’s account.

Watch the Muna App Review video here;

The Muna team recently launched the Muna token which gives you a lot of benefits like staking Muna on the Muna app.

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How Muna App is Changing Crypto in Africa

So now, how is Muna App changing crypto in Africa? Due to things we have noticed with Muna it shows they are trying to give everyone financial freedom and also a gateway into the DeFi spaces and Muna launching its Muna Token is a great way for Africans to go ahead and buy, hodl, stake and trade Muna token and get tons of profit.

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Using the savings feature on the Muna gives Africans a better way to save in crypto quickly and easily due to the fact that it supports Africans as its target audience.

The features we at Faqontech plan to use more on the Muna App are the Staking and lending features which allow us to boost your income by 30%.

Now, it’s your turn what do you like about the Muna App?

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