Pillow Fund Helping Nigerians Save in Dollars and Earn Interest

Pillow Fund

With Pillow fund, you can now save your money in dollars and earn interest annually, and also when the price of dollars increase in Nigeria. Pillow Fund is a fintech startup launched in Africa to help Africans grow wealth by saving in dollars.

We also have a surprise at the of this article.

Pillow Fund services help you earn interest by depositing funds while also solving the increasing cost of living problem. Pillow is a dollar savings app that helps users to buy & save in dollars & they have acquired more than 100K+ Nigerian users on our app in the last 5 months of 2022.

Pillow pays you interest every day for whatever amount you deposited on its mobile app. The app is powered by cryptocurrencies which means you can also invest in blue-chip cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and a lot more.

The fun fact about Pillow funds is that you can deposit with a bank transfer or crypto transfer easily and your Naira would be converted to dollars.

Pillow fund is incorporated in Singapore, with a team spread all over the world including a small team in Nigeria. They are currently in over 60+ countries, Users from all over the world can sign-up and start investing in Pillow.

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Since Pillow fund is powered by cryptocurrency, in order to save in dollars you need to leverage on USD cryptocurrencies.

The Pillow platform currently accepts USDC and USDT on the BSC (BEP20-Binance Smart Chain) & Ethereum Network (ERC-20). Once you deposit any of the mentioned stable coins, you start earning up to 14% returns.

How to Deposit Naira on Pillow Fund

  • While on the Pillow mobile app.
  • On the home section, you should see Crypto deposit and Bank deposit.
  • Click on Bank deposit, Now enter the desired amount you wish to save.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Deposit Bank details would be generated automatically.
  • Transfer the amount inputted earlier to the Bank details provided.
  • Click on “I have sent the fund” Once you have successfully transferred.
  • Your Cash would be available in a few minutes on the app.
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Easy right? Happy savings…

Do you know Pillow Fund gives you $1 for referring your friends and also gives your friends free $1 for using your referral link?

How to Make Money with Pillow fund Referral Program

  • Open the Pillow app on your phone.
  • Tap on “Rewards”.
  • You should see your referral code “Copy it”
  • Now share it with your friends to help them earn free $1 and you also get free $1.
  • Remember they need to also make a deposit within 7 days of using your referral code as low as $1.

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