Oraimo Watch 2 Plus Review: Should I Buy or Still Hold Watch 2 Pro?

Oraimo watch 2 Plus Review
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Oraimo Watch 2 Plus is here!

Your main purpose in reading this article is to find out if the Oraimo watch 2 plus is better than Oraimo watch 2 Pro right?

Well, let’s find out together.

Oraimo is known for introducing innovative and renovative devices that can solve different problems, this has helped Oraimo gain popularity among other brands like New Age.

A few months back, Oraimo introduced the Watch 2 Pro which has lots of built-in features. Today, Oraimo has decided to introduce the Oraimo Watch 2 Plus.

I’m in pain!!

Why will Oraimo launch Oraimo watch 2 Plus when I recently just got the oraimo watch 2 pro?

I guess this is for a reason.

In this Oraimo watch 2 Plus review, we will find out if the Oraimo watch 2 Plus is worth buying or not.

Keep reading as you might find something interesting along the way.

Let’s review this product from oraimo.

Oraimo Watch 2 Plus Review

Let’s start with what’s inside the Oraimo watch 2 Plus box.

What’s inside the box?

  • The Oraimo watch 2 Plus itself
  • A Welcome Guide
  • A magnetic Charger

The Oraimo watch 2 Plus has a screen size of 1.75 TFT screen with a screen resolution of 320 x 385 Pixels which means the same screen resolution as the Watch 2 Pro.

It also comes with a Bluetooth version of V5.1, a battery capacity of 300 mAh, and Waterproof IP68 which is also the same as the watch 2 Pro.

The model name is OSW-32N.

At the back of the Oraimo Watch 2 Plus we have the heart rate sensors, charging port, and speaker and by the side, we have two buttons and a mic.

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In order to connect and use the device, you need to download the Joywear 2 app from either Google Play or the App store depending on your device.

This got me confused, why would Oraimo use the Joywear 2 app this time? What happened to the Oraimo health app?

Oraimo Technologies need to answer this question.

I thought the oraimo health app was supposed to be a better version of the Joywear 2 app.

Remember, you need to turn on your Bluetooth to connect the watch 2 Plus to your smartphone.

The screen has five brightness levels and I didn’t have any issues using it outdoors.

The device itself still maintains the same user interface as the watch 2 Pro but looking at the body of the device it has two buttons compared to the Oraimo watch 2 Pro which comes with just one button.

Why is that?

Well, the first button is used to access the home section while the second button is used to access more features.

The BIG question!

So What’s different?

The features on the Oraimo watch 2 Pro found their way into the Oraimo watch 2 Plus but this time Oraimo added extra features like Blood oxygen & respiratory rate monitor and pin more contacts on the device’s quick dial.

Oraimo also improved the speaker and mic quality of the device.

Lastly; Should I Buy it or Not?

This device was gotten for review purposes and I won’t have gotten it as it does pretty much what Oraimo Watch 2 Pro does but a little bit better.

This is because I recently got the oraimo watch 2 Pro but if you ask me which is better or I should suggest when buying a smartwatch from oraimo.

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I would suggest the Oraimo Watch 2 Plus because it’s an upgraded version of the Oraimo watch 2 Pro and is slightly less expensive compared to the Watch 2 Pro.

Oraimo Watch 2 Plus Price

I expect the Oraimo watch 2 Plus might increase over time as more people purchase the device.

The Oraimo Watch 2 Plus Price in Nigeria is about ₦26,900 which is also available on Oriamo Nigeria’s official website if you wish to place an order.

Do use my coupon code to get a discount when you order the Oraimo watch 2 Plus “5LJBIG1JMPHL”

The device is also available in some stores around the country if you wish to buy from stores around you.

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