Oraimo Smart Trimmer Review: is it Worth Buying or Not?

Oraimo smart trimmer review

Are you a barber and you need a smart clipper? Here’s the Oraimo smart trimmer review, this is a product from Oraimo technologies and it has wireless charging.

A trimmer is used to cut short hair. They are composed of thin blades. If your hair is already short, a trimmer can be used instead of a clipper.

The trimmer will give you a close cut that will be easy to shave after.

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A hair clipper, also known as the obvious plurale tantum hair clipper, is a specialized tool used to cut human head hair.

People are perplexed by the terms trimmer and clipper. Trimmers and hair clippers serve the same purpose but are used differently.

How Much is the Oraimo Smart Trimmer?

The Oraimo smart trimmer cost about 7,500 Naira and may increase above 11,000 Naira in the coming months. Currently, it’s available for you to purchase on the Oraimo website, Jumia and other Oraimo outlets near you.

Oraimo smart trimmer review

Because it is less aggressive, a trimmer can also be used in place of a shaver. They also have hypoallergenic blades, which is great for men who have sensitive skin.

Let’s get into the Oraimo smart trimmer review without wasting much time. First, what’s in the box?

  • A User Guide
  • Oraimo smart trimmer itself
  • 4 Guided combs
  • Type-C Charger
  • Clipper Oil
  • Clipper brush

The Oraimo smart trimmer has a 5V voltage power, the clipper is best suited for beard, head, body, face hair styling and other trimming needs.

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The downside with using this product is that the Oraimo smart trimmer is small compared to the normal regular clipper we use and might take a long time when used in cutting hair but like the name implies Oraimo smart trimmer.

This means the Oraimo smart trimmer is meant to be used for trimming only considering the size of the clipper and also why Oraimo built the device.

According to Oraimo the clipper can charge and get full for about 1.5 hours but it took less than an hour to get full when I tested it.

The clipper also comes with a travel lock, which can help you lock the clipper and prevent it from using itself without your notice, this can happen when it’s packed in your travel bag and it turns on.

In order to use the locks, you need to Long press the switch button for 4s to turn on the travel lock or turn off the travel lock.

The biggest distinction between the two is the size of the blade. Clippers are made to cut long hair, whereas trimmers are made to cut short hair.

If you have long hair and want to cut a few inches off, a hair clipper is the best tool to use.

Verdict and Conclusion

So now, we are back to the question.

Is the Oraimo smart trimmer worth buying or not?

Well, it’s worth buying if you plan to use it for beards, or any other trimming needs. If you plan on using it to cut your hair then you should stick to your regular clipper size or better still opt for the Oraimo smart clipper 2.

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Remember it’s all in one trimming clipper.

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