Oraimo Smart Gimbal Review – Best Smartphone Stabilizer for Content Creators

Oraimo Smart Gimbal Review

The Oraimo smart gimbal stabilizer might just be the best for content creators. This article is based on Oraimo smart gimbal review, is this the best smartphone stabilizer for content creators?

Well, we are going to check out everything about the Oraimo smart gimbal and consider if it’s worth buying or not.

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You can capture professional static, moving, tracking, and slow-motion time-lapses like never before with a smartphone gimbal stabilizer. Even while sprinting, climbing a flight of stairs, or even driving a car, you may confidently shoot video.

How Much is the Oraimo Smart Gimbal?

The Oraimo smart gimbal cost about 17,500 Naira and may increase above 25,000 Naira in the coming months. The Oraimo smart gimbal model is OV-GHS1, currently, it’s available for you to purchase on Oraimo website, Jumia and other Oraimo outlets near you.

Oraimo Smart Gimbal Review

Let’s get into the Oraimo smart gimbal review without wasting much time. First, what’s in the box?

  • A User Guide
  • The Oraimo Smart Gimbal itself
  • Remote Control

The Oraimo Smart gimbal doesn’t include a charger but I expect Oraimo to include such since it can be charged. The Oraimo smart gimbal Intelligent Stable Shooting For Phone Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer has a nice body build and it’s very easy to carry with a weight of 230g.

The smartphone stabilizer has a size of 205×46.6x51mm and can extend up to 630mm in terms of height. The mobile phone stabilizer can also serve as a selfie stick to content creators with a battery capacity of 450mAh that can last up to 2-3 hours of use.

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Thanks to Oraimo for giving content creators this low-budget smartphone gimbal that supports both Android and IOS.

In the Oraimo smart gimbal review, we noticed it has a power button on the left-hand side to help you turn the smart gimbal stabilizer on, you will notice a green light when it’s on.

You might not notice the red light on the gimbal when the battery is low, the charging port of the smart gimbal is located on the right-hand side.

Before you can make use of the Oraimo smart gimbal you need to pair the gimbal with your smartphone and remember it’s supported on both Android and IOS devices using Bluetooth.

How to Connect Oraimo Smart Gimbal to Smartphone (Oraimo Smart Gimbal Review)

In order to connect the gimbal, you need to turn on the Oraimo smart gimbal remote control by holding the power button for “5-10secs”, you should see the green light blinking on the remote control which indicates you need to pair it to a device.

How to Turn on Oraimo Smart Gimbal Stabilizer

In order to turn on the Oraimo smart gimbal stabilizer, you need to hold the power button for “2-4secs” after which it’s going to stabilize, remember to place the gimbal on the ground before doing this!

Verdict and Conclusion

However, the Oraimo smart gimbal is worth buying for content creators looking to make use of their smartphones in content creation. The product is also good to go for videographers who wish to start small before levelling up into getting better stabilizers.

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